Saget OS is a Operating System for all PC x86

 Saget Operating System (Saget OS) is a multitasking with multi-platform operating system. Saget OS is a freeware operating system, and an open source (GNU_GPL v3). Comes with Sagui (modified oZoneGUI) as it's Saget Graphical User Interface.

  • Saget OS is simple operating system with a mixture of freedos, the system can run on older computers, the OS can disseminate Saget freely but only partially open source.
  • Saget OS has an interface that is quite easy, because it uses a gui that uses the C language, and also supports DOS-based software and games.
  • Saget OS replace the software and tools that have many weaknesses on this operating system, such as drivers and other utilities that do not work on this system.
You can download it from